What is to be considered for real estate deposit in Germany?




What does deposit mean?

The owner of a property can ask for a deposit to cover possible damage as well as to protect against possible loss of rent.
The deposit is a safeguard against possible damage, a for manoeuvre against possible damages.
The deposit payment is not legally mandatory, but is normally contractually required when renting real estate in Germany.

What does Mietpreisbremse mean?


What is "Mietpreisbremse"?

Wordy translated means „Mietpreisbremse“ rental-price-brake. Other English words for this German law are „rent control“, „rental cap“ or „law for a cap of rent increases“. 

The German government stepped in, to reduce the enormous increase of the rent prices of apartments in Germany.

"Mietpreisbremse" is a law to control an enormous increase of rental prices of apartments in Germany.


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COS offers a professional limousine/shuttle service or driving hire service in the greater area of Stuttgart.


We are confident of our high reliability, detailed customer service and let our customers to feel that.

COS registered officially as car repair company Handwerkskammer Stuttgart

In Germany the regulations for running a car repair workshop are very strict. The reason for that is the extremely high responsibility you have as a car workshop, because of safety. If a mechanist does mistakes in e.g. repairing a brake it is life-threatening.

That's why it is a must to be Meister (Foreman) in vehicle technics, you must have several years experience in maintaining and repairing of cars and you must provide evidence of your technical ability to a chamber of handicrafts, if you want to run a car repair workshop.

GAKKEN school for Japanese children


Part of the COS Services portfolio is the Japanese Kyoshitsu School Gakken in Stuttgart. 

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What's Gakken Kyoshitsu School? 

Gakken Kyoshitsu school is a complementary Japanese school taking place, after the actual, normal school lessons, in the  afternoon or evening. It complements the subject matter of the normal school. This type of school is quite normal in Japan. Almost every student visits this kind of school, a so called Juku. "Kyoshitsu" means class-room and "Gakken" is the publishing company that produces the learning materials.  

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