"The Germans are very good in ignoring customers!"

This funny statement a Japanese expatriate gave, when we asked him, what was surpising for him during his stay here.


We are different, we understood what is customer service and how important it is.

COS stands for Customer Oriented Service.

We are offering professional relocation services and "start-up-support". 

COS was specialized for Japanese Expatriates and Japanese companies in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart. The more inquiries came up, we are also providing our support to all other Expatriates in English language.

Together with our 12 employees, we support our customers in a 1:1 relationship to answer all questions and fulfilling all requirements an Expatriate might have.

Combined with long years’ experience and expertise, this results in:

  • best results
  • highest effectiveness and efficiency

but especially

  • the capacity of our customers is preserved

Our customers know that they can rely 100% on COS.

You are welcome! What can we do for you?